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Tips for excellent real estate photos

Tips for Exceptional Real Estate Photography

  1. Hire a Professional: While smartphone cameras have improved, a professional photographer has the skills, equipment, and knowledge to capture the property's best angles and lighting conditions. It's an investment worth making.

  2. Staging: Before taking any photos, ensure the property is well-staged. Remove clutter and personal items, make sure everything is clean and tidy, and pay attention to small details that can make a big difference.

  3. Lighting: Natural light is your best friend. Open blinds and curtains, and shoot during the day to make the property look bright and inviting. Should you need to, you can turn on the interior lights.

  1. Composition: Pay attention to framing and composition. Use wide-angle lenses to capture more of the space. Aim for straight lines and avoid extreme angles that can distort the room's proportions.

  2. Exterior Shots: Don't forget to showcase the property's exterior. Curb appeal matters. Photograph the front of the house, the backyard, and any other outdoor features.

  3. Post-Processing: Light post-processing can enhance your images. Correct exposure, white balance, and remove minor imperfections. Be mindful not to overdo it, as authenticity is key.

  4. Virtual Tours and Drones: For a more immersive experience, consider creating virtual tours and aerial shots using drones. This can provide a unique perspective on the property.

  5. Consistency: If you're working with multiple properties, maintain a consistent style across your portfolio. This helps build your brand and makes it easier for clients to recognize your work.

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