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Why Do I Need a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

Ask any realtor what they think about "For Sale By Owner". Probably the exact same answer from everyone you ask. "What you don't know, will absolutely hurt you"!

Most realtors have had at least one experience with a homeowner trying to go it alone. The homeowner tells the realtor "why should I pay you for something that I can do myself"? The answer of course, is simple. A realtor has insights that the average person does not. They are trained and experienced professionals that walk a fine line of pleasing both the buyer and the seller. The same exact principal applies to the photographer. Often, the realtor says the same exact thing. "Why should I pay you for something I can do myself"? You see where I am going with this, right? A professional photographer has experience and knowledge that has intrinsic value. Most of the time, a potential buyer's first impression of a home is the photos on the listing. Like any situation, First Impressions matter. Much like a dating website, the profile picture should be both a realistic representation, but also flattering.

Make a good first impression

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